Adopt a village scheme

If, you seriously thinking to contribute something back to the society or communities, you can consider adopting a village for some specific duration. We are promoting a new innovative scheme of ‘adopt a village scheme’ to facilitate positive impacts among rural & tribal communities. By this scheme,  we are not going to change the village in to big city’s or completely bring a solution to all pressing problems. We are advocating children lead change in the villages, where we can try to address the issues of water, open defecation, poor waste management, corruption, Right to Information, etc. We can bring a change among the safe sanitation & drinking water practices among poor & rural communities, increase their knowledge and understanding on solid & liquid waste management, rain water harvesting, etc.

The key interventions we are planning for

Water & sanitation:

  • Establishing  a evening Joyful learning center
  • Implement project activities of safe sanitation, personal hygiene and drinking water practices among children, women and adults
  •  Reduce open defecation by effective  & innovative behavior modification techniques
  • Training for Water & sanitation committee members, children and women
  • Promote kitchen gardens as part of waste water management
  • Proper solid & liquid waste management systems
  • Increase water conservation & purification methods in villages including rain water harvesting

Social Accountability – Right to Information

  • Increasing awareness on Right to Information among communities & families
  • Training to adolescent children, youth and women on using RTI Act of India
  • Increasing community’s participation in social security scheme, social safety nets and other primary schemes of government.
  • Addressing the issue of corruption, inefficiency and practices of bribery at grassroots level
  • Increasing transparency, accountability of village level institutions using RTI act
  • Trying to address the issue of governance deficit at the grassroots levels 

Other key activities of ‘adopt a village scheme’

  • Promoting green cover of the village by planting more saplings
  • Promotion of Livelihood opportunities for women & youth
  • Formation of women self help groups
  • Trying to form village level cooperatives

2If, you planning to adopt a village you can choose the villages from the profile and you can also opt for the different activities you are interested in. Your contributions will directly go in to the village and pleaseContact us for terms of references.