If, you would like to be part of the noble work, you can contribute in time, kind, resources and cash. All your donations and contributions will have a real and long lasting impact among rural & tribal communities.

Support our Innovative Schemes:

Education Affordability and Success of Youngsters scheme - EASY Scheme

DonationThis is new and innovative scheme, which supports young, talented and needy students from rural & urban places and supporting them for their educational needs. This scheme does not support any particular caste, community and class children rather, include all children & students who deserve to be supported. We are mainly supporting poor, orphan children – who could continue their studies from their home or relatives places. We are supporting children of widows, women headed families, destitute, orphans, HIV/ AIDS affected parents, cancer patients, physically challenged, etc. In most of the case, the identities of the children / students are protected – and ensuring their dignity is not affected by our philanthropist efforts. We are concerned about their dignity, identity and would like to provide the details, only with those who are really interested.

LEAF Society is having profiles hundreds of children / students and if you are willing to be part of this scheme please contact us. If, you want to read more about EASY Scheme

Adopt a village scheme

AdoptLEAF Society is promoting an innovative scheme of adopting a village scheme. If, you are willing to provide Rs. 3,000 – 5,000 ( US$.  50 – 100) per month for 24 months – we could support the tribal and rural communities with a evening Joyful Learning center, promote safe sanitation practices among children & women and communities, bring an positive change in  personal hygiene practices of children, ensure home & food hygiene,  increase their negotiating skills using RTI act, ensure proper waste management practices and much more. Your contributions will directly go to the village, will pay for rural & poor women – her monthy salary and will support hundreds of children. If, you are interested, please read more about Adopt a village scheme

Support social initiatives

DonationWe are looking for some capital assistance for our women – those who are part of our village level cooperative initiatives or part of Self Help Groups. These women are looking for some dignified way of accessing capital assistance to expand, initiate or establish new micro entrepreneurship activities in rural & tribal villages. Your contributions will be repaid and well utilized for a micro business purposes. If you are interested please Contact us

We are looking for some support for our following innovative activities

  1. Personal hygiene kit for children
  2. Seeds for kitchen gardens
  3. Books for village level library
  4. Indoor & outdoor play materials for children
  5. Educational materials

You can also donate by ordering our Multimedia kit