Educational Affordability and Success of Youngsters – EASY Scheme

1Dignity is the core of this scheme. We have launched a new scheme through which, we are supporting young – poor & most deserving students and candidates for their education without any classification of caste, community, class and regions. In most of the case, our support is being extended to poor – orphan children from rural & tribal villages and many of the college going students as well.  We are keeping to identities of these children as protected and we will give you the names and other details of the children, once, we are sure of the donor and making a proper assessment.
You can also join this innovative scheme and you can choose any of the deserving student for whom, you would like to offer your support and you can continue to support that particular student until he or she completes education. 
We have list of children and students, who have lost their parents in HIV/ AIDS, accidents, orphans, semi orphans, children of physically challenged, widows, destitute, women headed families, poor and tribal children. All our children/ students well deserve in nature and are willing to continue their studies in spite of huge difficulties.
You can contribute to the EASY Scheme at random or you can also select any student and can support them in longer term as well.

Please contact us to get the details of children with photograph.