Multimedia toolkit Series – I

Multimedia toolkit of LEAF Society

LEAF Society has produced two series of multimedia toolkit on water & sanitation and Right to Information to be widely used for villagers, NGO’s, Civil Societies and other players, who are willing to bring an attitudinal shift and behavior modification towards various fundamental components of their projects. For example, we would like to bring an attitudinal shift towards safe sanitation practices among rural & tribal communities and would like to change their behavior patterns on personal hygiene, handling of drinking water, open defecation; solid & liquid waste management, etc. LEAF Society have tried to bring behavioral change among communities with conventional IEC materials, tools and campaign patterns, which never yielded any positive results towards bringing a positive behavioral change among our key stakeholders. So, we have decided to innovate and produce – highly creative, low cost – IEC materials to reach most vulnerable, marginalized and excluded communities. We have produced two sets of toolkits on water & sanitation and Right to Information. Each series contains different format of videos, songs and short films, which has been very well received by communities across regions.

LEAF Society is producing low cost multimedia toolkits on various thematic areas, to reach the most vulnerable, marginalized, illiterate communities from rural & tribal villages. We have tried to bring an attitudinal shift and behavioral modification among these communities through regular campaigns with conventional IEC materials – which never been so successful to change their mindsets towards safe sanitation, personal hygiene and drinking water practices. After, serious considerations, discussions and deliberations, we have decided to launch our own innovative - multimedia toolkit – providing a comprehensive presentations of varieties. These series are highly context and cultural oriented – which aims to bring an attitudinal shift and behavioral change among children, women and communities.

  1. Ghost promoting water & Sanitation – Short film
  2. Villupaattu – folk art video
  3. Hand wash demo - video
  4. Folk songs promoting water Conservation & sanitation