Multimedia toolkit Series – I

Enga oorla – In My village - Ghost promoting water & sanitation

In most of water & sanitation short films or documentaries, it’s been repeatedly shown that, a doctor will come in the end and she or he will give a lecture about the health hazards and the whole community accepts it. However, we have tried to be different in our approach in this movie. This movie is a sarcastic message that, our communities are ready to spend for local festivals & celebrations, but never realize the importance of spending sanitation for once in their life. The baseline surveys of LEAF Society in many villages are repeatedly reveals that, 95% of the dwellings have their own houses, per family expenses towards festivals, celebrations is more than Rs.6,000 – Rs.8,000 every year. The money they spend for festivals are borrowed outside for higher rate of interest. So, for constructing a individual toilet, space, money and water is not the issue, it’s because lack of attitude & insensitivity towards safe sanitation.
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The economic, health, social and productivity loss due to waterborne diseases are higher than any other diseases in India, in spite of that, people never understand the importance of having a individual latrine for safe disposal of human waste. There have been campaigns, schemes, projects and programmes and however, people, never feel, it’s important to have a toilet at home or use of public toilet. To address this mindset and to bring an attitudinal change and behavioral modification, we have adopted different approaches and this short film is part of such initiatives. By this movie, we are telling a message that, until & otherwise, Ghost come and threaten you – you will never realize the importance of water & sanitation and never agree to construct a toilet at your households. So, we have asked the help of the ghost to come and help us to change the mindset of people towards safe sanitation practices. This short film is produced by LEAF Society and available with sub titles. Please contact us to receive a entire toolkit from LEAF Society