Game : Memory Game

Concept note on Memory game

Age Group:
Above 8
No of players
2 – 4
Duration 15 – 30 minutes
No of identical cards A set of 30

A concept overview

Concept: This game facilitates & improves the memory capacities of child by looking at the pictures, words, cartoons, shape, colour or any other memorable objects for the eyes of a child. While playing the game, children are continuously exposed to fundamental concepts and activities pertaining to safe sanitation & drinking water practices. These activities are portrayed with different tools like cartoons, picture, and art along with two word captions for easy memory. These concepts will stay in every child’s mind during & after the play and these memories could convert in to habits and practices of young children. This game again enforces that the conscious and sub conscious mind registers these concepts and related activities on safe sanitation and these children may grow with such good practices. It’s also envisaged that the children may also influence their parents, siblings, peers and other younger generations towards safe sanitation and hygiene practices. To keep the game crisp and sweet we have just kept just 30 activities and using toilets are repeated in different forms.

How to play:

The Memory game consists of two identical sets of cards that are shuffled and placed face down in an orderly arrangement. The cards are exposed two at a time and a matching pair of cards must be exposed simultaneously to be captured by a player. This requires players to remember the appearance and position of the cards to be successful in capturing them.