Game : Snake & Ladder

Concept note on snake & ladder game for healthy life

Age Group:
Above 8
No of players
More than 2
Duration 20- 25 minutes in normal circumstances and may exceed depends on the number of players.

A concept overview

Snakes and Ladders is a game of luck played between any number of players over two in which the objective is to avoid the snake slides and climb the ladders to the end of the grid pattern playing board. Though well known even today, Snakes and Ladders actually is not just old, it is ancient finding it’s origins way back in the 2nd century BC in India. The game is thought to have been created as a teaching tool for religion. The snakes were meant to represent evil or misdoings in life, the ladders good, and the finish line Nirvana or enlightenment. The moral being only those who avoid evil can reach enlightenment

Thus, Snake & ladder game is well versed, vibrant and active game in India and it’s known in many parts of Southern India. This game is associated with local custom and cultural practices and the knowledge of playing this game is been imparted through generations. LEAF Society has used this game to promote hygienic living of a child and we are cultivating best practices for children in their day today life. As usual, this game also has two important elements – Snakes & Ladders; the ladder will support you to win the game quickly and snake bites you to reach you down. Washing hands before & after meal considered being good practices for which the ladder will assist you to reach above and eating without washing your hands considered to be unhygienic practice – in which a snake bite will put you down.  Best practices, the chances of winning are high and the routine unhygienic practices will keep you below the wining table.


Objective: To promote healthy living for children learning while playing


Snake & ladder game always has the excitement, thrill, exhilaration for children while playing as a group. This game offers insight to various basic health & personal hygiene tips along with funny cartoons.  The purpose of the game is to inculcate good practice & values for healthy living including personal hygiene, safe handling of drinking water, safe disposal of human waste by using toilets, animal, liquid & solid waste management, home & village hygiene and environmental sanitation practices.

Playing method:

Pieces are moved from square 1 upwards to 100 which is the finish point. Any time a player lands on a ladder or snake they must either slide down in the case of the snake or climb up in the case of a ladder. The first player who reaches 100 will be the first winner and there can be up to three winners based on the number of people playing. Each player should read loud captions on ladder or snake and the game will begin when each put 1 in the dice.