Game : personal hygiene Train

Concept note on personal hygiene train game

Age Group:
Above 8
No of players
More than 2
Duration 18 – 30 minutes depends on the players

A concept overview

This is simple game using the technique of rewards & reinforcements for bringing a behaviour modification, change in personal habits and trying for an attitudinal shift towards better personal hygiene practices among children.  Each action contributes to subsequent action resulting in as either reward or punishment. This game has been designed with the core concept of behaviour modification through appropriate rewards and behaviour reinforcement

Objective: To promote personal hygiene practice among children through innovative personal hygiene train game


This train game has been designed to reinforce multiple personal hygiene practices among children and enforce the same good practices is being followed by their family, schools & peers in the villages.  This game repeatedly emphasises on key personal hygiene habits & behaviours and reinforces on better practices.

How to play:

Two or more people can play the game and that reaching personal hygiene station considered to be winners. Each player should reach the captions loud before taking any rewards and reinforcements.